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Land Vehicle Systems and Services
    Custom defence solutions crafted from high-performance motorsport experience, keeping in mind the proper performance-to-cost trade offs that you demand. Performance Solutions will take your project from its R&D phase all the way through to prototyping and testing, complete with full documentation and analysis.

4x4 Vehicles

Proven kinematic and vehicle engineering knowledge is applied to both motorsport and defence applications. Our 4x4 vehicle template integrates modern technology and functionality into any given project. The base vehicle design is lightweight, agile, reliable, and can be customized for your needs.
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Given your project’s requirements, we can design and manufacture a vehicle’s entire nervous system including hardware, software, wiring looms, and CANBUS systems. Our cooperation with industry-leading electromechanical manufacturers provides us with a unique advantage in this field.


From Design to Prototype

Share with us your project's initial technical requirements and we'll help bring it to life. Our philosophy stems from simplicity, reliability, and data validation for products that meet motorsport and aerospace standards.

Services include: consulting and R&D, design, electronics, simulation, prototyping and manufacturing, testing, development, documentation, and analysis.

Products include: auxiliary power units and CANBUS systems designed to be simple, universal, and easily expandable.

Case Study

Performance Solutions has grown in motorsport, however much of the design & development share the same common goals. In each sector we strive to establish performance and reliability. With our experience in many 4x4 SUV projects, we're able to deliver the vehicle from design to prototype.

The multi-purpose vehicle seen here was designed from scratch to handle any environment. The base vehicle is lightweight, agile, reliable, and can be customized for your needs.

High-Performance 4x4 SUV

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