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250 km/h 18 km/h


Design-to-cost based on Motorsport experience? Well, to finish first, first, you need to finish. We focus on the reliability a lot. The talented team at Performance Solutions knows the material in any harsh environment. This knowledge can be used both for performance and for reliability and longevity.

Can we help you with R&D?

Give us a task to develop a light-weight vehicle, any kind of subsystem or project to secure your occupants seat. Performance Solutions' R&D will find out the way how to design the product on the top level. We can design suspension systems, components, chassis or the whole cooling system with the precision we know in Motorsport.


Do you need an Electronics Upgrade?

Our team has expertise in hardware matching bespoke to your needs. We understand how to implement new systems in your current solution. We design wiring loom for your system so we understand the complexity you require. Moreover, we offer our digital connections where we make all system intelligent. This is done with our CAN products and software.


Let us solve your issue from an idea to the prototype!

From your idea to the final product under one roof? Give us your whole project from the beginning. In the first phase, we work with Augmented Reality to ensure we are on track with your needs. Next, we deliver the complete product as a prototype to be tested by our team of engineers. Once you are satisfied with the product we can deliver the whole documentation for the serial production.

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