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- Get On Edge and Beat Your Competition
The ultimate goal is to feel your car. Once you understand it comes natural to make any decision

Webinar Introduction

Join others in our performance program who are on their journey to the best results of their careers. This 10-week online bootcamp will get you clear on your goals and set you on your path to success. You will learn all the details and techniques of racing cars which are truly on next level in today’s world.

You can find tons of information about the racing lines, toe&heel or braking technique. However, we’re moving the knowledge of driver on the level which is truly important in demanding environment of motorsport.

Professional racing teams need professional driver’s feedback. Do you want to be a professional driver? We thought it. And that is the reason why you will profit the most from our Next Level Driver Coaching webinar.


Understand your car

How the driver feels the car How an engineer see the car Communication


Use your tire

The only thing in contact with the ground (if you’re lucky enough) Explaining basic graph Lateral Force vs Slip Angle - connect with the gift (stay with us to find more about that) G-G diagram Why we drift?


Feel Your Kinematics

What is an ideal setup? Forget the old anti-features Understand, win


Dampers springs and anti-roll bars

Damper is not holy grail It’s all about the grip Driver has to absorb a lot



Not only about the downforce Use it for your best


Get Ready for your racing weekend

Technical Vs Mental Preparation Technical Maps, competitors, data, onboards, weather How to use it for your advantage


Mental Preparation

80 % of the result is about the mental strength Explaining the 4 step success Potential Action Results Believes Mental race Tips and tricks


Without Data You’re just another person with an opinion

Driver Throttle Brakes Gear Steering Car Speed Acceleration Rpm Dampers


Drivers Community

Get access to the closed Facebook group where the personal networking unite drivers, engineers and team owners.

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Performance Solutions Team explains

We created the Next Level Driver Coaching with 1 big goal: To give you the training and tools you’ll need to achieve your dreams in modern motorsport world. The ultimate vision is to connect drivers and engineer. With strong community of people who understand the high level of motorsport we can serve more and more teams within field.

Patrik trained drivers in World Rallycross, circuit racing or rally. Connecting driver's feeling with engineering explanation is his greatest passion.

Patrik Stipak


Driver's perspective with Engineering understanding is Ryan's strength. Thousands of miles under his ass sensor in open wheel cars at your services.

Ryan Thoma


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