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July 21 - 2017

Formula Student is more than Engineering Degree | Cameron Bryant

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Author Patrik Štipák

Everyone’s life is an interesting story. In the second episode of Finish To Win podcast you have a chance to meet Cameron Bryant with truly amazing one! Cameron spent 7 years in Formula Student team. Some of you were excited that our first episode guest Trevor Takaro dedicated 8 years to Global Formula Racing Team. Well, he isn’t a unicorn! Cameron’s story is truly unique.

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I was involved with the University of Kansas formula team from 2006-2013. Team co-captain 2011-2012 year. Started on the team as a sophomore in high school doing bodywork and paint (My dad owns a collision shop in Kansas. I grew up doing it so that was my angle to get on the team). Then moved into doing both paint and manufacturing (Worked in machine shop junior year of high school all the way through collage).


You Need To Choose: Degree or Formula Student Competition

Yes, you’re reading well. Cameron was forced to choose between graduation from the university and FS event before the last Formula Student Competition. You should definitely hear that story in the podcast! No more words needed, just listen and enjoy.

From FSAEparts.com to TYCA

Based on the story you will hear in the podcast, Cameron was basically forced to start up a company. So he did. He started FSAEparts.com. Every recent Formula Student team member should know this webpage. Thanks to an amazing support lot of teams from all over the world can find and buy many products which will suit their specific needs.

However, FSAEparts.com is not Cameron’s main business. As he says – FSAEparts.com is more about building the network while helping other people. This is not what he makes a living from. He owns TYCA technologies, a company with a huge vision. Born in Motorsport, now transforming the technology to any industry. Cameron describes it in detail in the podcast.

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Podcast Notes

#2 Formula Student is more than an Engineering Degree | Cameron Bryant | Finish to Win

Check out the mind map of Cameron’s podcast

  • “College dropout” story
  • FSAE vs. national races in autocross – videos
  • Cameron is hiring only from FSAE
  • Didn’t know how to start = common issue of every entrepreneur
    • Starting a business for Dummies – recommended book
  • Cameron’s companies: consulting – TYCA Technologies (parent company), Tyca karting, fsaeparts.com
  • life balance at work tip
  • projects developed at Tyca (scroll down for pictures)
    • harmonic testing machine
    • high pressure, high temperature autoclave (30,000 psi @ 600°F)
    • axles for karts (patented tunable kart axle)
    • carbon fiber torsional tubes
    • lightweight steering racks
    • micro sensors
    • lightweight differential

Products Developed at TYCA

corrosion resistant Autoclave designed for ALTISS Technologies for Shell Oil30,000psi (206.8 MPa), 650°F (343°C) corrosion resistant Autoclave designed for ALTISS Technologies for Shell Oil

Harmonic fatigue machine

Harmonic fatigue machine. Capable of doing 2 million cycles a day.

Patented tunable precision kart axle made to the highest quality

Patented tunable precision kart axle of the highest quality dimensionally and metallurgically. Trademarked gold color. “The golden axle”

Ultra light weight steering rack developed for Zedaro

Ultra light weight steering rack developed for Zedaro. Weight of 0.60 lbs (272.8 grams). They currently offer 3 sizes.

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