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November 07 - 2017

I tend to do things I fear most | Milan Polacek | WRC Engineer

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Author Patrik Štipák

Where would you start today if the goal is WRC, Formula 1 or Indy cars? Exactly, Formula Student. In short, it’s the same story of our friend Milan Polacek. We’re giving you another podcast Finish to Win.

The Goal? WRC

Performance Solutions WRC Podcast with Milan Polacek

This is one of the wildest dreams of any motorsport kid. Working for World Rally Champions. M-Sport. Milan achieved that. | Thank you, M-Sport for providing the pictures

Milan started his motorsport career in Formula Student. He was studying in Denmark when he entered the arena. Milan was one of the core team members of TU Brno Racing when the team was established. The motorsport journey continued after university. He joined Skoda-auto where he got the chance to join Skoda’s Motorsport department.
He spent four years working as Car Engineer with Czech Champion Jan Kopecky. Together they won several titles in the Czech Republic and achieved great results in WRC-2.

Kopecky, Lappi, Evans or Ogier

WRC-2, however, is not the pinnacle of the rally world. We’re living just once and Milan is very aware of that. He fought for his chance to reach the top in rally racing. In fact, when Mr. Sebastien Ogier joined Malcolm Wilson’s M-Sport team, Milan joined too.

Join and help the winning team

M-Sport World Rally Champions | Performance Solutions Podcast Finish to Win Milan Poláček

Just imagine you’re part of the M-Sport in 2017. This is a fascinating story. From Formula Student to WRC title. | Thank you, M-Sport for providing the pictures

Well, this was another entrée for the Finish To Win Podcast. We’re very pleased we can share this one with you. We walked through the episode in our usual way, following a structured mindmap.
What steps do you need to take to get yourself into the World Rally Championship? What’s the secret to being a part of M-Sport, a winning team?

What is the most important experience?

We asked Milan about his Formula Student experience. Do you know what the most important thing he learned during that time was? He learned that someone’s promise doesn’t necessarily mean the job will get done. This knowledge accompanies him ever since.
What are some of the habits and daily routines of professional Race Engineer? What is the story of his Skoda Motorsport experience? What did he learn at M-Sport so far? What’s it like to cooperate with professional racing drivers? Does he prefer drivers with a lot of feedback or the drivers who just drive? What’s the difference between development testing, pre-event testing, or a full out rally weekend?

Motorsport vs. Relax

Yes, we touched all these questions. However, that wasn’t all. Life is not just about the work. We all have our leisure time activities, and we all have those who inspire us. Milan, as he says at the very beginning of the episode, tends to do the things he fears most.
To be stronger, to move forward, to get over the toughest of tasks – the best way is to challenge yourself, is that not right? Well, Milan is scared of heights. To overcome this, he started climbing. It’s his hobby now. So go, listen to the podcast and learn something new.

Sit and enjoy the WRC story

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