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March 15 - 2018

If you’re not using any kind of simulation, simply, you are a fool – Danny Nowlan [ChassisSim]

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Author Patrik Štipák

This was the answer to our question: “What would you put on a billboard at a race track?” Danny Nowlan is a very inspirational person in the professional Motorsport world. Danny is Australian who I met personally two years ago in the UK. We were sitting in a lovely town near London – St. Albans in my favorite restaurant.  I am really honored that he came back to us through this podcast and he can inspire all of you folks.


Most of you probably know Danny thanks to his company ChassisSim. I was very curious about the story behind ChassisSim. Ppersonally admire this company not only from the technical point of view. I do admire his business skills too. I’ve historically found difficult to convince semi-professional racing drivers and teams to use something more than just experience. ChassisSim is a must have in case you’re driving any kind of a racing car. Period. Find more on Danny’s websites and make sure you’re subscribing ChassisSim YouTube Channel.

From Australia to Europe, China, US and back

If you have listened to our previous podcast, I guess you understand that we’re not following the technical stuff only. We’re curious about the whole story. If you know Tim Ferris SHOW, I think you feel the inspiration in our topics and questions. Just scroll down and go through the mind map of this podcast to understand which topics we discussed.

We had started with Danny’s university studies and how did he get himself from aeronautics to racing cars and how important was it. He told us the story of ChassisSim, we touched his career in the UK and he told us a lot of non-engineering bits of advice. If you seek for a technical information and ideas of Danny, follow the RaceCar Engineering magazine which he contributes to.

Network. Talk.

It’s not always the case of an engineer. Networking, talking and discussing, that’s not usually preferred activity of our world. Danny explains why he thinks it’s really important. He also revealed us his favorite non-motorsport activity. Dancing. Really! We love it!

Danny Nowlan ChassisSim Performance Solutions


One of my favorite questions is about the most influential books the host has read. Danny made my day with Think and Grow Rich.

Yes, after the great inspiration about Milan Polacek last time (btw, he won Monte Carlo and Mexico with Sebastien Ogier!!), we deliver you another big story. Sit and enjoy!