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We strongly believe in data acquisition and analysis to guide our research and get results. Sharing this knowledge with our clients is the best way to move driver and engineer forward together, maximizing the relationship between both the man and machine at work. Performance Solutions takes pride in our on-track results. Our successes are found in a variety of motorsport disciplines including WRC, Dakar, GT4, KTM X-Bow, Open-Wheel, and more.

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We focus on getting the physics right from the beginning. The 21st century allows for endless possibilities in both simulation and product life-cycle analysis. Our custom and meticulously calculated solutions will shave the last tenths and hundredths off your lap times.


Need help with Electronics?

Usually, the nervous system of any vehicle is messy. We're experts in getting the right hardware paired with custom software to accomplish exactly what you need and nothing more. Our extensive experience in vehicle electronics can help you save weight, simplify existing systems, and get you focused on what matters.


Prototyping and Manufacturing

With a full range of manufacturing capabilities, we can take any CAD model and bring it to life. We're equipped with CNC machines, Laser Technology, 3D-printing, and much more. Once a vehicle or product is complete, we can even execute the full testing and development stages. See our Technologies page for more.

Success Story

Remember the crash of Timur Timerzyanov in Loheac 2017? The car was near totaled, and we 3D-scanned the chassis to modify the tunnel, exhaust, and the cooling system. After the design, we took over the production of the components and final welding on the chassis itself. We went a step further and designed and produced a new electronics system too. The final assembly was done by the team itself and their first race back in 2017 was a spectacular 2nd place overall.

Timur Timerzyanov Sports Car

What we did: 3D-scanning, modified tunnel, exhaust, and cooling system. Production of the components and final welding on the chassis. Design and production of a new electronics systems.

Let's make another success story together.

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