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Life is about emotions. We do push the limits to get another tens of the lap time performance. We care about getting all the power on the ground as we're passionate about the vehicle dynamics. We focus on designing phase which is ready to be produced in-house and supplied you, our customer with an optimum solution.

Can we help you with R&D?

We focus on being on the top level of industry knowledge. We believe that without data, you're just another person with an opinion. Therefore, we focus a lot on getting the physics right from scratch. 21st century enables extensive possibilities in simulation and prediction the product life-cycle. We have implemented those solutions and getting them on the edge.


Do you need experts in Electronics?

Usually, the nervous system of the vehicle is messy. We understand our customers' struggle. We are experts in getting the right hardware with software and connecting the system together. There is a long history in our wiring loom design and production. Are you interested in losing some weight in electronics? We can offer our digital electronics distribution system for you.


Use the prototyping with us!

Custom design done from scratch up to the real and functional prototype. This is a unique approach and capability of Performance Solutions. We are equipped with CNC machines, Laser Technology or 3D-printing. This also closes the loop of engineering where we offer methodical testing to further improve the initial design.

Success Story

Do you remember the crash in Loheac 2017 of Timur Timerzyanov? We took the responsibility of getting a new car done in a short period of time. We 3D-scanned the chassis where we modified the tunnel, exhaust or the cooling system. After the design, we took over the production of the components and final welding on the chassis itself. We designed and produced the new electronics systems too. The final assembly was done by the team itself and their success in the first race of 2017 with this car was enormous – 2nd overall.

Timur Timerzyanov Sports Car

3D-scanning, modifying of the tunnel, exhaust and the cooling system. Production of the components and final welding on the chassis. Design and production the new electronics systems.

Let's make another success story together!

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