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July 07 - 2017

The Next Level Driver Coaching

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Author Patrik Štipák

Almost immediately after I started to deal with professional motorsport I recognized a substantial issue I’ll have to face.  Are you wondering what am I talking about? Well,  it’s essentially an understanding of basic engineering concepts. It wasn’t due to limitations in English, although it isn´t my mother tongue. I believe I am able to express myself  pretty clear.

The problem was I expected everyone dealing with racing cars to be knowledgeable about vehicle dynamics, setup possibilities or that drivers can explain what they feel behind a steering wheel to his engineer. I soon found this isn’t the case, so it’s become one of our goals to improve this situation.

Hence, Performance Solutions begun to offer seminars, training, coaching, … call it whatever you like. The focus is on mutual understanding between driver and his engineer.

Tire Seminar Driver Coaching Performance Solutions Fia World Rallycross

We live in a very competitive age. The age of information, technology and data. These days there is only one way for teams to win – knowing more, understanding the car better or doing smarter decisions than opponents. All mentioned based on good data, because nowadays everyone works hard in Motorsport.

Motorsport might be full of hard workers. But is it enough?

You can argue that Motorsport is also about money and I can’t agree more. You might be willing to put even money out of your pocket to be able to drive. At the end of  the day what is your ultimate goal? Nothing less but victory. Am I right?

I’ve been always working with drivers who have this objective. And their goal is mine goal. No matter if I was member of a Formula Student team or part of World Rallycross Team. Even though we were fighting bigger budgets or more experienced individuals, I wanted to win.

How can we fight big budgets and more experience?

We have a chance to study more, train more and know more. And that’s something I want to talk about here. I already talked about “today’s world”. Do you know what else is common in 21st century? Shared economy. Everyone can have pretty much anything. Take webinars as an example.  Sharing knowledge has never been easier. Webinar The Next Level Drivers Coaching is a brand new product of Performance Solutions.

We are really lucky to have the opportunity to learn from and work with an amazing people. In order to benefit from our and their knowledge we put the idea of driver coaching in practice in 2016. We prepared seminars for Janis Baumanis and Timur Timerzyanov, both competing in World Rallycross Championship. Lets have a look at the results… In the very next race we claimed 3rd and 4th position at Barcelona circuit. Admittedly, credit goes to the whole team, but it was part of mosaic which delivered a great result.

You can see in a video an interview with both drivers.

We’ve been working on this material ever since. Another driver who took part in our training is future czech rally star Filip Mareš. What are his results in 2017 season so far? We pointed out some aspects of better driving and increased confidence resulted in three consecutive victories in his category.

Performance Solutions webinars have had a very positive impact on my car perception skills. I’ve broaden my technical knowledge which helped me improve feedback towards engineers when considering race car’s dynamic behavior. The webinar has provided me with lots of new and interesting information. I particularly benefited from understanding what data analysis tells about my driving style. I can better use the car near the limit and if anything unusual happens during the race, we can quickly analyse what I am doing wrong. Recent results show that this approach has paid off.

Filip Mareš

For whom the webinar is?

There are three target groups of our webinar. First one is pretty obvious from previous statements – the racing drivers. Yes, any young driver will get valuable knowledge right at the beginning of his career. Still does not see the benefits? The motorsport environment becomes more and more competitive and there is a huge demand for knowledgeable drivers. Did you know Sebastian Vettel has a “magic diary” where he writes down all his ideas and technical discussions?

Timur Timerzyanov Janis Baumanis FIa World Rallycross Championship Performance Solutions Race Engineering

The second group we focus our webinars on are Engineers. We attend many seminars in person and take part in webinars as well. We believe that one may either growing or dying. We want to get better continually. We need to further educate ourselves to keep up with high pace in the industry. We’ve prepared the webinar on the level which provide any engineer with helpful advice  as well. An effective communication is crucial for engineer to be able to quickly extract important information from drivers feedback. Added value of any race engineer is his ability to be psychological support for his driver.

80 percent of the performance of a driver is down to mental strength. If this mental side is dented, the self-confidence begin to falter and it can have an effect on lap times.

Mika Häkkinen


Last but not least group who could truly benefit from these webinars are team owners. I am owner of my company. My passion is race engineering, cars development and teaching. On the other hand I was scared of html, graphics or writing. Today, I have built a few webpages, done majority of our graphics and write as much as I can. I won’t be our website’s administrator or graphic designer anymore since I have different task to do but I understand their job. What does it mean? I can delegate much better. I can take a look on the problem from different perspective and I know what should I expect for money I pay my partners.

What do we focus on in the Next Level Drivers Coaching?

We’re combining technical education with mental preparation. We try to engage both hemispheres of our brains. We need to be analytical to understand vehicle dynamics on the one hand. On the other hand, the ultimate goal is to feel your suspension. And again as a Driver and as an Engineer. It is partnership.

Once you know something very well you don’t need to hardly think about it. It comes natural and you are fully confident with your decisions. You feel them right.

The enrollment is open right now. The space is limited. Sign up here for you very first FREE online lesson.

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