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May 10 - 2017

Playing the game big

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Author Patrik Štipák

Welcome to the new Performance Solutions online platform. How do you like the new design? We spent more time building this than we would’ve liked to, but we love the final result! What do you think? Try the scrolling G-sensor in the right corner. Cool, huh?

We’ve already got a bunch of blogposts and material prepared for you. But first, we want to have a small introduction for the beginning of the new online era here at Performance Solutions.

It Starts In The Head

As with everything in our human history, Performance Solutions started as a vision in my head. It was 2015 when I was walking back to my university dormitory from a workshop calle, “Generate your business idea”. I was excited. The passion for motorsport sparkled a long time ago when I was a little child. But the belief in having a chance to make living in motorsport as a business owner never came to mind before my experience living in the UK. I’m not sure if the credit goes to the UK or simply to the experience of living abroad.

The Czech Republic, where I’m from,  is a small country in the middle of Europe. We often proudly say that we’re the heart of Europe. But I’m not sure if we behave like such. The vision of having my own company was a bit crazy that time. I am a typical child risen up with the mantra: „study hard, have great marks, find a nice job.”

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster since January 2015. The project I founded was named PS – Time is Everything. It started one night with a WordPress Blog. After a quite few interviews, which didn’t end up with any job offers, I decided to officially register the Performance Solutions company.

I remember January 2016 when I showed my family what I would like to achieve. I remember the pictures of the World Rallycross, Dakar, and Blancpain Series GT3 cars. I told them I would like to be a Race Engineer and that I wanted to instruct Drivers and Engineers on Vehicle Dynamics.

I’ll never forget the answer from one of my family members: „Patrik, really, who do you want to teach?”

Engineering in Motorsport

The whole Performance Solutions company is based on team members who went through the Formula Student project. We tried to involve one Software Engineer for our PS – Onboard app development, however, it just didn’t work.

The work ethic in Formula Student is simply at the top level. Yes, I know. Formula Student may seem like a small game for little kids. Proper motorsport is here in WRX, WRC, GT3, GT4, Dakar, etc.

But it’s obvious from the people I met and the experiences they had, that there is nothing like the Formula Student Engineering focus in the wide spectrum of Motorsport.

This is a huge opportunity for us. The Motorsport world has changed since the 80’s and 90’s. The experience alone is not enough anymore. On the other hand, we all need experience to become better Engineers.

Performance Solutions Vision

Based on our experience and knowledge gained in Formula Student we entered the professional Motorsport world in 2016. What did we do? Well, we succeeded in cooperation with World Rallycross Team Austria. I was the Race Engineer and Data Engineer of Timur Timerzyanov, Janis Baumanis, and Max Pucher.

Timur Timerzyanov Performance Solutions Barcelona 3rd place World Rallycross Championship

It’s been almost one year since Tomáš Smékal entered PS as a Designer. We bought the PTC Creo licence and did some development work for World Rallycross Team Austria as well. We designed and produced single-pieced Anti-roll Bars in cooperation with our great supplier from the Czech Republic. After a big and unlucky hit from Timur at the WRX event in Loheac, France, our team took over the 2017 chassis preparation.

Today we have three guys onboard full time. We have señor Gaston Scazzuso, Filip Červenka, and Ryan Thoma currently on part-time. Why? Keep reading to find out.




-jde to?


After the last year we were discussing a few options on where to focus our development side. The final decision came in late March when we decided to fully focus on our own huge project. At this point, we cannot say any details. However, we’re fully committed to make this one a reality.

One thing we’re not quite focused on right now is the software development. We’d like to improve the PS Onboard Mobile App. But currently we’re lacking a good software engineer who could lead the charge of this development. On the other hand, we found a hole in the market of the mobile phone holders for racing and sports cars. We decided to develop our own holder and give it a try for potential customers.

Professional Mobile Holder Performance Solutions

We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on it.

Race Engineering

Performance Solutions in Rally

This is where we are fully focused. This was our initial step into the Motorsport world and where we want to stay. In 2016, Patrik Páleš joined Performance Solutions for this position. After his Formula Student career, he’s been motivated to continue working within the real world of Motorsport. What is the result? Patrik is the Race Engineer of Filip Mareš for the 2017 season. The young Czech rally star Filip Mareš is a driver for the ACCR Czech Team in both Czech and European Rally Championships.

Filip Mareš Patrik Páleš and Performance Solutions Islas Canarias

Performance Solutions on the circuits

For a short moment we looked outside of the World Rallycross Championship scene. Our work is confidential, so we cannot really discuss that here. But, we are trying to move forward with the company as a whole. Where to? Well, we are looking to get involved in the TCR racing category and in the GT4 championship.

Performance Solutions Race Engineering Circuit Racing KTM xBOW GT4


The last part of our mosaic are the seminars. In the second half of the last year we developed seminars for racing drivers. Why did we do that? Well, I saw the opportunity for huge improvement in driver-engineer communication.

At the end of the day, the driver (or his manager) is paying the bills. For us, that means we need to show our value. As I described earlier in this article, we have the edge with the knowledge. Now, we need to gain the experience and authority. How do we do this?

I believe that the very optimistic way is in the knowledge transfer. One of our mottos in the company is Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. We have nothing to hide.

We delivered 5 different seminars for Janis Baumanis and Timur Timerzyanov. What did they think? Check out the video below.

Online Webinars

I was personally pretty amazed by the approach of this young gun! We spend a lot of hours teaching and preparing for the rally event. This is one of the best ways to improve. Is there anyone else who wants to reduce the costs of travelling and who still wants to learn? We’re here and ready.

Knowledge shared?

Yeah. You bet. I remember that I learned so much better when I would teach the same lessons to others. It always helped me to improve myself. So, here we are. We want to share the things we know with you.

What can you find right now?

Have you read our e-book Six Reasons to Analyse Data? Download it below and study hard!

What can you expect from us?

We want to make the seminars and webinars for you. We’ve made this website public and will continue writing more blog posts. Some of them more technical, the others more informative and talkative like this one.

Together with Ryan Thoma we decided to start a Podcast becasue we want to stay in touch with you. We believe that the community can achieve a lot together! So with the same name as my book, Formula Student Finish To Win, you can expect a monthly Podcast, Finish To Win!

Mental Race

The business, the racing, heck life itself is a mental race! What you focus on the most is what you’re going to achieve! I cannot stress this more enough. Just like the story of this article. Nothing would have ever happened without strong belief.

Two years ago I read book from Jacques Dallaire – Performance Thinking. One of the greatest books I have ever opened. I read it cover to cover in a few days. The results are in our head! We all have the potential. We just need to take action to get the results. The results shape our belief. The belief in our own potential is dependant on the size of action that we take. Massive action, Massive results. Hell yeah!

And this is the reason a huge part of our seminars are dedicated to the Mental Race section! How do you prepare for the weekend? What is your state of mind when you sit in the car? Where do you want to be on the grid? What is the plan for the best possible start?

It starts in your head.