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We've had the opportunity to work with some great teams to grow to be faster on track with more knowledge off the track.

World Rallycross Team Austria

Race Engineering, Component Development, and Production or Drivers Seminars. These were the main pillars of our cooperation with World Rallycross Team Austria in 2016. Timur Timerzyanov and Janis Baumanis were shining last year and we are proud to be a part of this success. We are extremely grateful for this experience! Check out the video featuring Timur and Janis hear what they have to say about Performance Solutions.

Filip Mareš


Vizuality studio

A six-degrees-of-freedom all purpose motion platform designed to emulate any genre. Circuit racing, rally experience, and even street racing. This unique project required precise approach, as we consulted the vehicle dynamics in the racing simulator. We developed sophisticated testing procedures and figured out how to get rid of motion sickness and make the experience even more realistic.

Škoda Motorsport


RTR Projects

Czech based racing team fighting with KTW x-Bows and GT4 racecars all around the world. We focused on Race Engineering and Driver's Coaching at selected races in 2016. We are excited to witness a Czech project of this vision and this level of quality.

Rally Talent | Autoclub Czech Republic

One of our company’s missions is to help develop young talented drivers from both a mental and technical aspect of racing. Therefore it’s our pleasure to be part of Czech motorsport federation initiative aimed at promising rally drivers. Together with driver Filip Mareš and his co-driver Jan Hloušek, we'll take part in the 2017 Czech Rally Championship and FIA European Rally Championship.

Ray Service




Jan Černý Racing


Ultimate Dakar

The most difficult race in the world? Dakar. We improved the electronics system of the Hummer EVO 1. „You cannot control what you don’t measure.” We chose the optimal sensors for the current system and even produced a wiring loom. To check that everything worked well, we figured we'd race it at the Ultimate Dakar in Bugac.