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August 09 - 2018

We’ve been boosted

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Author Patrik Štipák

Wow, 2018 is being a fast year. Have you noticed? It’s already August!! I always keep saying we want to stay in touch with our customers and our fan base more in touch. Last year, we recorded a few podcasts from the Motorsport environment. Yes, we’d love to produce more materials here to keep you connected.
Well, you might have noticed the upgrade at the company websites. What does it mean? In 2017 we focused a lot on expanding the company activities. We focus more and more on product innovation here. We stayed in the Motorsport market a lot. We cooperated with a few Czech drivers, we participated in some project with our Austrian partners. However, we started with our own racing car development.

P1 Concept racing car which is being built in partnership with RaceX, KV Hoffmann, and RayService

Bespoke car development

Our own car requires a budget. Big budget. We’ve brought on the team a business advisor to help us with a proper financial plan. What is the plan about? Well, we ambitiously said we want to establish a new racing series in Europe. Have we succeeded? Well, not yet at the full perspective.
We see the success in the things around. We met Mr. Hoffmann from Kovovýroba Hoffmann. It’s a great Czech company with an amazing machinery inside. For our fan base, petrol heads, you would fell in love with their prototype HN R200. They took Audi R8, used the Bentley’s and Lambo’s lights due to the homologation process and did a state of the art job in making the chassis upgrade.

We have a strong base we can build on – HN R200 shows the production capability we currently have

It’s hilarious, right? Some say it’s “just” a rebuild. But think twice here. It’s a completely new chassis and body made out of metal! It required a lot of engineering work in the reverse engineering, the design, and the production process. Let us know in the comments what do you think about the car.

In Kovovýroba Hoffmann, our first fully designed prototype has been built. We’ve started the project together with our partner company RaceX. So this time, the body won’t be metal but carbon fiber. What does it look like? Let us know via email that you’re interested and we will send you a secret picture.

Investors in the Performance Solutions

You might have also noticed that in the footer of the page is “powered by” Ray Service and KV Hoffmann. Absolutely, we’ve been boosted by those two companies. I’ve introduced you, KV Hoffmann, already, what about the Ray Service?
Ray Service is another Czech company. It’s the 7th best company in the Czech Republic according to a special Vodafone award in 2017. Ray Service is focused on electronics market. They are experts in the production of the wiring loom for a harsh environment. They have been proved reliable in the markets of aviation, military and, of course, motorsport.

ASCOD RayService Performance Solutions

Ray Service supplies companies like General Dynamics. Performance Solutions is proud to be part of this supply chain.

Strong boosted relationship

Can you already understand these puzzle? KV Hoffmann, strong machinery, and Ray Service, experts in the electronics production? The missing piece can be Performance Solutions with the expertize in the research & development. Thanks to this partnership we were able to establish a development center close to our partners and get way more people on the board of our company.

Talented people at Performance Solutions

We have grown in the Formula Student project. We’ve gone through the World Rallycross Championship. We did quite a few circuit racing, rally and we’ve established ourselves in the electronics and mechanical engineering as well. It’s not a company logo who did this.
And definitely, it’s not only myself. We are so proud to be able to recruit the most talented people from the Formula student world and combine them with experienced and skilled guys from industry. Right now, you can find more information about our team on the contact page. In the close future, I would love to introduce every member of the team. And we are growing.

Closing boosted thoughts

To sum up everything within a single article would take hours for you to read. To keep it short, let me conclude the most important information. Performance Solution has moved to another level. We’ve been boosted with a help of our new partners. We’ve been boosted with new members who are super talented. We’ve been boosted with new software and hardware possibilities. Keep in touch with us and let us know if you’re keen on starting some project with Performance Solutions!

Thanks for reading, Patrik